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The Company

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Our Company


Company "Boulias Feed" was founded in 1997.


Being highly experienced in the agricultural and livestock sectors, our company was soon  strongly consolidated in the commercial sectors of raw materials.


Our continuous rise in domestic and international  commercial markets, made us one of the most consistent, reliable and modern companies in Greece.

Our Products


We always select the best quality of seeds and oilseeds through a variety of industrial products, subproducts and producers, coming from international range houses. We are able to provide materials for animal production livestock producers, fish, poultry feed or industrial units.

boulias, animal feed, molasses, customers, market, trade, wholesale, network
Groin seed, wheat, boulias, molasses, lucerne meal, sunflower meal, animal feed
Our Customers

Having a vast range of high quality products and in combination with our next-level provided services, we currently cover the needs of a wide network of companies in Greece and abroad.


In the interest of continuous development, the search for innovation and the great sense of responsibility to our customers and suppliers, we’ve managed to establish and create long-term agreements.


Respecting business’ relationships and always providing high quality services in the raw material industry, we aim to be evolved and developped in order to achieve common business goals.

Customer network, boulias animal feed, market trade, wholesale, molasses
molasses, boulias animal feed, values, ISO, certification, market, trade, wholesale, molasses, sunflower meal
Our Values

To ensure our services, we have established a healthy and business model, under which we provide the highest of our capabilities in order to cover the needs of our customers.


Our goal is to achieve high corporate responsibility so that we can create stable and last-longing business relationships with honor and respect between our customers and our suppliers.


All in all, we commit that everything we practice is strictly environmental friendly.


Our company in cooperation with international and recognized value control companies (surveillance) certified to international conditions GAFTA, implements regular quality checks on every shipment form in order to provide high quality goods.

Our presence

Our company participated in the 10th International exhibition for animal husbandry and poultry farming, held in the International Exhibition and Convention Centre Thessaloniki, in order to learn all the developments in our industry and meet our modern and reliable company.

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Our Network

Apart from the domestic Greek market , we cooperate with many foreign countries such as:



● Bulgaria

● Romania

● Serbia

● Hungary

● Austria

● Slovakia

● United Kingdom

● Spain

● Ukraine

● Russia

● Moldova

● Italy

● Poland

● Turkey

● Cyprus

● Slovenia

Our presence

Boulias Animal Feed
Animal Feed Trade
2nd Km Halkidona - Veroia,
Thessaloniki, 57007

Τel: +30 23910 22292

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