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Our company has established a solid name in domestic and abroad markets. This gives us the opportunity to intervene in partnerships of every aspect in order to immediately serve our customers and suppliers. Consequently, aimming at the best results possible, we often act as advisors or brokers in goods delivery. Such activities though usually take place at international transactions.

Brokering, agriculture,products,molasses,market,trade, lucerne meal, sunflower meal
Transportation, boulias animal feed, molasses, lucerne meal, sunflower meal, sugar beet pupl


Having our own means of transport, we provide safe and rapid transportation of products throughout Greece for either wet or dry feed.


At the same time, our cooperation with reliable transport companies, allows us to organize transportations in the most inaccessible places of both Greece and abroad.


International and domestic transportations can also be achieved by sea going vessels with the same consistency to our partners, thanks to our partnerships with the most prominent offices in the shipping sector.

Clearance & Saving

We import products from all around the world and in case some of them are coming from no E.U. countries we are able to provide fast clearance solutions with experienced partners specializing in customs clearance, import and export processes. We also provide saving services to anyone who needs his livestock product to be kept safe.

Clearence, boulias animal feed, molasses, sunflower meal, lucerne meal, market, trade, wholesale
packaging, boulias animal feed, agriculture, market, trade, wholesale, molasses, lucerne meal, sunflower meal, sugar beet pulp

The company provides any form of packaging with ultramodern electronic weighing into bags, packing and packaging. Packing a capacity of 100 tonnes per day.

Boulias Animal Feed
Animal Feed Trade
2nd Km Halkidona - Veroia,
Thessaloniki, 57007

Τel: +30 23910 22292

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